Oct 11, 2008u00a0u00b7 suppose that aqueous solutions of barium nitrate and potassium carbonate are mixed what is the name of the compound or compounds that precipitate? answer. wiki user october 11, 2008 11:28pm.
Write and balance the equation for the reaction of barium chloride and potassium carbonate? answer. wiki user 11/05/2009. ... copper nitrate + potassium carbonate = copper carbonate + potassium u2026
Jun 17, 2008u00a0u00b7 barium nitrate + sodium carbonate = barium carbonate + sodium carbonate ba(no3)2 (aq) + na2cou0437 (aq) = bacou0437(s) + 2 nanou0437 (aq) (white solid) barium nitrate other names barium dinitrate, barium salt of nitric acid properties molecular formula ba(no3)2 molar mass 261.336 g/mol appearance white crystals density 3.24 g/cm3, solid melting point 590 u00b0c, decomposes barium nitrate u2026
Nov 21, 2016u00a0u00b7 barium carbonate is quite insoluble in aqueous solution, #k_sp=2.58xx10^(u22129)#, and should precipitate in this #metathesis (partner exchange) reaction# would you expect #baco_3# to be more soluble in a weakly acidic solution? why or why not?

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