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Distributor and marketer of light magnesium carbonate and magnesium nitrate. light magnesium carbonate is produced as flat platelets and a typical assay of 42.5% mgo, moisture of 2% and a mesh size of 325. magnesium nitrate is a white chrystal with a typical assay of 99.0% mg. magnesium carbonate can be used as a filler in rubberbands, and the production of magnesium nitrate.
Depending on the ore deposit, approximately 25 tons of ore must be extracted from the pit to obtain one ton of magnesium oxide from the plant. magnesium oxide (mgo) is obtained through calcination of magnesium carbonate via the following reaction: mgco 3 calcined about 1000°c (or 1800°f) >> co 2 + mgo called caustic calcined magnesia ‘ccm’
Manufacturer & exporter of magnesium based pharmaceutical bulk drugs & fine chemicals. we have expertise in magnesium carbonate for more than 20 years. we manufacture various grades of magnesium carbonate, magnesium. hydroxide, magnesium trisilicate, magnesium carbonate hydroxide, magnesium peroxide & magnesium oxide with the latest technology.

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