5. conclusion the best electrodeposited black cobalt solar absorber coating was deposited from an electrolyte of the following composition and operating conditions: cobalt sulphate 30 g/e, ammonium acetate 40 g/y, s. john et al. / black cobalt solar absorber coatings 301 fig. 9. sem micrograph of surface topography.
Dec 18, 2007 · joe, i was also looking at the copy krome and electroless nickel as an alternative to home shop black oxide. both appear to be nickel/cobalt en solutions, and the caswell plating guide warns that the coating is very difficult to polish, because it's so hard. that seems perfect for a durable wear- and rust-resistant coating for small parts.
The two celebrated selective coatings are black nickel [1-3] and black chrome [4-8]. black nickel coating suffers from corrosion problems in the long run while black chrome involves considerable costs as it requires a very high current density of about 20 a/dm2 and cooling of the electrolyte to 15-20 c for its production.
Microstructure and adherence of cobalt containing and cobalt free enamels to low carbon steel. ... the primary aim of enameling is to achieve a good bond between the enamel and the steel. ... in electrolytic theory the adhesion oxides, mainly cobalt and nickel oxides ...

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