Gentle cleaning, powerful protection 20 mule team ® borax decahydrate is the refined form of natural sodium borate. composed of boric oxide (b 2 o 3), sodium oxide, and water, this mild alkaline salt has excellent buffering and fluxing properties.available in a white crystalline powder or granular form, borax decahydrate is an important multi-functional source of boric oxide,
Eltee chemicals presents borax decahydrate, a white odourless and powdered substance that is not flammable and contains low acute toxicity.these are widely used for fabricating cleaning products and for extracting gold in small scale mining services. also, it is used as food additive while welding iron or steel.
Borax (or sodium tetraborate decahydrate) is a white coloured inorganic powder having the formula na 2 b 4 o 7 ·10h 2 o or na 2 [b 4 o 5 (oh) 4]·8h 2 o. it is a compound of the element boron and is also a salt of the compound called boric acid. it occurs naturally as evaporite, or as a combination of various hydrates of borax.
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