An investigation of the fundamentals of the adherence of porcelain enamels to metals indicated that good adherence is the result of metal-to-metal bonds between the atoms in the base metal u2026
An antimony-free glass suitable for use in a frit for producing a hermetically sealed glass package is described. the hermetically sealed glass package, such as an oled display device, is manufactured by providing a first glass substrate plate and a second glass substrate plate and depositing the antimony-free frit onto the first substrate plate.
Metal processingu2014againu2014the metal industries withetchantsolutions forgeneralmaterial processing andplating. many of the worldwide technical journals today are specifically published for solid state andelectronics, but there is such avast amountofliterature available that it is all but
High temp co-ni frit,it is a hard ground coat frits, can be applied to ... with very good adhesion, can dissolve much iron oxide in metal surface, makes very strong combination with metal body. ... and we started to try nolifrit 10 years ago, then i never going to change supplier again. nolifrit enamel frit quality stable , and their technical ...

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