Boron carbide b4c powder, boron carbide abrasive powder, boron carbide powder suppliers in bangalore boron carbide nano powder manufacturer, check boron carbide powder price boron carbideu2019s extra hardness gives it the name black diamond. this powder color is black or gray.
Boron carbide market is forecast to reach $143.2 million by 2025, after growing at a cagr of 3.6% during 2020-2025.increasing consumer demand in abrasives for slurry pumping nozzles, water jet cutting, grit blasting, and polishing & lapping applications are key factors driving the growth of the global boron carbide market.
Antioxidant additive in refractories: to be used in resin or carbon bonded mgo-c (magnesia carbon) or al2o3-c (alumina carbon) refractories (bricks, slide gate plates) you can typically use -325# (<44microns) boron carbide powder with >%92 or >%95 purity. further chemical specs are available on request (such as total boron, free b, b2o3, total carbon, free u2026
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