Sep 21, 2008 · chemical formula of magnesium carbonate is mgco3. magnesium carbonate contain magnesium, carbon and oxygen.
Oct 25, 2010 · the chemical formula of magnesium carbonate is mg(co3)2; this molecule contain one ion of magnesium and two ions of carbonate. asked in chemistry what happen when lead carbonate is heated ?
Nov 17, 2018 · magnesium carbonate does not react with oxygen. so mgco3 + o2(g) = mgco3 + o2(g) however, mgco3 does decompose with strong heating: mgco3 = mgo + co2(g) t ≥ 420c. change in free energy: Δg(420c) = -1.3kj (negative, so the reaction runs) change in enthalpy: Δh(420c) = +115.6kj (positive, so the reaction is endothermic}
Anytime bulk reef supply sets up a calcium reactor the zeomag magnesium granulate will be added with the calcium reactor media to keep the systems magnesium level as stable as possible. zeomag is a magnesium granulate designed to be used with standard calcium carbonate $

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