May 23, 2010u00a0u00b7 hey guys, i'm really stuck on this question and i was wondering if anyone could help me with it. determine the formula of borax (na2b4o7.xh2o), a substance used in making porcelain, which is 47.24% by mass water. now i know that the formula is na2b4o7.10h2o, i was just wondering how to achieve that answer.
Apr 02, 2008u00a0u00b7 it is not anhydrous borax which would simply state borax or sodium tetraborate anhydrous on the label. it means that there are 3 molecules of water for each molecule of sodium tetraborate. the chemical formula is noted as: na2b4o7. 3h2o. similarly, the formula for 10 mol borax would be na2b4o7. 10h2o.
Borax supplier in oman, uae, singapore, saudi arabia, qatar, kuwait borax is a (fine, white) mineral that additionally passes by a couple of different names (just to make it befuddling!): sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate.
May 10, 2011u00a0u00b7 borax is sodium borate (also sodium tetraborate), the chemical composition being na2b4o7 it is usually encountered as the decahydrate, na2b4o7 .10h2o there is also a pentahydrate and an anhydrous ...

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