Micronutrient fertilizer. beyond the basic three essential nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (npk), other requirements for plant growth and soil health are the secondary nutrients (s, ca, mg) and also micronutrients, which include iron, manganese, zinc, boronu2026
Soluble foliar boron spray solubor beau-ron225 lb containing boron as b2o3 66% and elemental boron 20.5% borate micronutrient which use as an aid in the prevention of boron deficiency symptoms. where : certain crops (apples, gladiolus, tomatoes and citrus in florida.) compatible with most insecticides.
Because the range between boron deficiency and toxicity is narrower than with many other micronutrients, some farmers are hesitant when it comes to using it on their crops. the truth is, boron is an essential nutrient and key component of many parts of the plant life cycle. check out five myths about boron that have been debunked.
For adequate supply of micronutrients throughout the growth cycle and for prompt correction of deficiencies it is recommended to apply haifa microu2122micronutrient fertilizer. haifa microu2122 products are the ideal complement for plant nutrition in a broad variety of crops, for optimal development and best yield.

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