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Boric anhydride, 98% 1303-86-2 by j&k scientific in large quantities on chemondis, the trusted chemical b2b online marketplace. verified suppliers no transaction costs sign up now
Its surface has greasy feeling its hygroscopicity is strong and it is easy to be hydrolyzed to form boric acid. in high temperature, it can be reduced by alkali metal or magnesium to monocrystal boron, it can be completely mixed dissolved with the oxides of metal, copper, sliver, aluminum, tin, arsenic.
It is used as a flux, an acid catalyst and a chemical intermediate in production of boron halides, esters, carbide, nitride, and metallic borides. boron oxide has shown a promising effect on glycerol hydrogenolysis to 1,2-propanediol. it is also an essential material for the preparation of cordierite ceramics from talc.

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