Apr 08, 2006u00a0u00b7 yellow reflects red and green light and absorbs blue, cyan reflects blue and green light and absorbs red, and magenta relfects blue and red and absorbs green. the secondary pigments are red, green and blue. the definition of a primary pigment is one that absorbs only one primary color and reflects two from white light.
Conjugated systems of double bonds absorb light in some organic pigments. inorganic pigments may absorb light by electron transfer. for example, vermilion absorbs light, transferring an electron from the sulfur anion (s 2-) to a metal cation (hg 2+ ). the charge-transfer complexes remove most colors of white light,...
The primary colors of pigment are magenta, yellow, and cyan (commonly simplified as red, yellow, and blue). pigments are chemicals that absorb selective wavelengths u2014they prevent certain wavelengths of light from being transmitted or reflected.
Organic pigments are generally brighter and better in tonal quality compared to inorganic pigments. however, this color tends not to last. for long-lasting products, producers prefer inorganic pigments because they tend to hold their color better in the presence of light and heat than organic pigments.

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