Anhydrous borax is white solid crystalline product used in gold smelting as a flux. the advantages of using borax in gold smelting are: facilitates separation of the gold from gangue at lower temperatures; borax forms a structural network with rock silicates that captures metal ions which normally associate with oxides eg.
Borax decahydrate is available in a range of screen sizes (for dry blending) or may be used in solution. neobor ® borax pentahydrate offers a concentrated form and is convenient to handle and store. 20 mule team ® sodium metaborate (available in 4 mol and 8 mol) is a strong alkali, suitable for higher alkalinity cleaners such as metal cleaners. it also provides a high concentration of borate
Factory supply directly borax/sodium borate/borax pentahydrate turkey 99.9% shandong baovi energy technology co., ltd.
Borax morarji limited (bml) was incorporated on august 27, 1963. it was originally promoted jointly by the dharamsi morarji chemical co. ltd. (dmcc) a large scale fertilizer and chemical manufacturer and borax holdings ltd. (uk). dmcc is a company incorporated in 1919 and has a turnover of over u.s.$70 million.

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