Saudi arabia is the largest producer of desalinated water from the sea. in 2004 there were 30 desalination and power plants. there were 24 plants on the west coast and six on the east coast. in 2006, 1.03 km3 of desalinated water were produced (table 2). the water produced is used for municipal purposes. the quantities produced cover some
Corrosion in oil and gas operations is generally caused by water, carbon dioxide (co 2) and hydrogen sulfide (h 2 s), and can be aggravated by microbiological activity. the cost
Aug 15, 2014 · globally, published data are scarce and vague and consequently regulations on boron limits in water are quite variable, depending on the reference institution. just to provide an idea of the messy situation, boron limits in drinking water have been established to 0.5, 1, 4 and 5 mg/l respectively by saudi arabia, eu, australia and canada.
Membranes has enabled to obtain more fresh water at lower cost [1, 2]. in this seawater desalination field, who requires the boron concentration in drinking water to be below 0.5 mg/l [3], and this requirement has affected swro process design, because of the difficulty for swro to achieve such low boron concentration [4].

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