Carbomag pharmaceutical grades: magnesium carbonate is used in pharmaceuticals preparations as a laxative and gastric antacid and as mild abrasive ingredient in toothpastes or food application it is used as nutritional supplements, flow agent, carrier and anti-caking agent, drying agent, color retention agent and as magnesium source in soft drinks.

Some paints may require more than one coat, especially on slick surfaces like glass. it is important to allow the first coat to dry before applying a second coat. ... i was told that the blue color in the frost enamels is being discontinued. being a primary color, i don’t know how to get blue colors. ... march 19, 2019. hi sandyif you're ...

The enamel frits are applied onto the metal surface in one or more layers, heated to a temperature sufficient for fusion. it is used for coating carbon steel and cast iron material products. main advantages are being resistent to corrosive environments more specifically than another, high-temperature oxidation and thermal shock.

Liquid chalk is normal chalk (magnesium carbonate). it has been specially formulated into a liquid form that doesn't dry out in a closed bottle and won’t create dust like block chalk.there will be an adjustment period as athletes get used to the new way to apply this product.

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