The number of electrons in each of boron's shells is 2, 3 and its electron configuration is [he] 2s 2 2p 1. the boron atom has a radius of 90 pm and a van der waals radius of 192 pm. boron was discovered by joseph louis gay-lussac and louis jacques thénard in 1808. it was first isolated by humphry davy, also in 1808.
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Buy boron carbidehot-pressed sheet on-line. after diamond, cubic boron nitride and boron oxide, hot pressed boron carbide has the highest hardness known. its main applications make use of its excellent wear resistance and high strength.
Boron carbide powder used in steel modification component with grinding, high boron content, polishing, lapping, hot pressing and sintering with light weight of hard and abrasion resistant parts.we are suppliers of the whole range of dimensions from sub micron to 1-2mm lumpsdistribution.boron carbide is widely used as refractory industry and ...

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