A financial fine of not more than (sr 50,000) fifty thousand saudi riyals in case of offering, dealing with or manufacturing useless or cheated manure or agricultural fertilizer in addition to keeping on reservation the manures and agricultural fertilizer concerned
Posts about safco arabian fertilizer company muhammad bappy biswas razz is looking for a new job with mehnaj asha razz at safco arabian fertilizer company . february 18 at 11:56 pm · jubail, saudi arabia ·
Welcome to safco about safco. saudi arabian fertilizer company, the first petrochemical company in saudi arabia, was established under royal decree no. m/13 dated 11-05-1385h – 1965 as a joint venture between the government and the citizens of saudi arabia with a share capital of sr100 million.
From boron-based household products to commercial boron additives, the amount of actual boron in these products may range from 11 to 20 percent. follow the test result recommendations precisely. soil and plant laboratory, inc. advises that boron can be toxic to some plants at levels near only 1 part per million.

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