May 03, 2016u00a0u00b7 fertilize 'fore' playability may 3, 2016. there is a good opportunity for golfers to make a clean strike on the ball sitting on short, thin turf. excessive growth likely will come between the club face and the ball, reducing both distance and spin. ... soil type and depth can widely vary across a golf course. fertilizer is used as a supplement ...
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Pro-pell-it!u00ae products use only the finest ground lime, dolomite and gypsum for fast and efficient soil penetration. pro-pell-it! is an excellent choice for agriculture, gardening, home lawns, golf courses, landscapes, and ornamentals. these top quality, fine mesh products are bound together with a durable binder that eliminates
Dolomite is kind of soil conditioner fertilizer specially developed for golf course, sports turf, lawn, etc. it was developed to adjust the soil ph. purity of dolomite is adjustable according to customer's requirements.

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