Chrome oxide green (pg17) pigment green 17 (c.i.77288) is a green chrome oxide with chemical formula cr 2o 3 and a prismatic/rhombohedral structure.
Ferro is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of inorganic color pigments. we offer one of the largest range of inorganic pigments and complex inorganic color pigments in the industry. our high performance inorganic color pigments are custom formulations that outperform others in opacity, ease of dispersion, high heat fastness, light, weather and chemical resistance with no bleeding or pigment
Associated red color shift with temperatures above 180°c (figure 2). in the case of colortherm yellow 10 ®and colortherm yellow 20, the first option is utilized (figure 3). by applying an addition-al inorganic coating to the primary particles, the surface elimi-nation of wate ris de layed, c nsequent yaising heat stabilit
Cobalt chromite green spinel (pg26) pigment green 26 (c.i. 77344) is a green mixed oxide of cobalt (ii) and chrome (iii) with chemical formula cocr2o4 and a spinel structure. it provides a dark bluish green shade.

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