Enamels for metal are fired either in a pre-heated furnace (kiln) or a hand held torch. if firing in a furnace, the temperature should be between 1450 and 1500 degrees f. whether you set your furnace at 1450 or 1500 depends on how accurate your pyrometer reading is; how long it takes you to open the door,...
It is a anti fish scale enamel frit, specially for thick hot rolled steel plate. titanium white frits: it is a excellent titanium white frit, can be applied cookware / panel: super white frit: it's super white, can be applied to architecture and subway panel / enamel cookware. antimony white frit: it's antimony white frit, can be applied to ...
High temperature titanium white enamel frit 503 ... steel plate cover coat porcelain enamel frit usage introduction: ... high temperature inorganic pigment including red& yellow, blue, green, black oxide etc, widely used in porcelain enamel, ceramics, glass, coating, painting etc.
(859) 291-3800. thompson enamel has been a manufacturer of vitreous enamel for metal for over 119 years. thompson enamel currently manufactures glass products for many different kinds of applications. included in its product line are enamels for both metals and glass.

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