Silk-screened glass improves solar control performance and can be used on various glass substrates, including clear, low-iron or tinted glass, to reduce glare and decrease solar transmission. depending on which pattern, colour of ceramic frit and glass substrate you select, glass panels will either be transparent, translucent or opaque.
Ceramic frit and ink visual characteristics this tech talk provides recommendations to mini-mize undesirable aesthetic outcomes when de-signing with ceramic frit or ink. when using silk-screen, spandrel or digitaldistinctionsu2122 in architectural building applications, the design details require careful consideration to avoid an un-
Aesthetic u2013 laminated glass interlayers offer a selection of color and opacity not achievable with other glass products such as coatings, glass substrates, silk-screen or spandrel glass. this is especially true with bright, vivid colors as well as opaque or translucent / u2026
Fritted glass (exterior) durable: produced by permanently fusing ceramic frits to the glass surface, creating colorfast, uv-stable, scratch resistant colors for exterior & interior use versatile: can be applied to our flat & channel (u-shaped) glass varieties custom designs: can be used to create custom designs, prints & graphics, including surface 1 frit patterns

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