Global barium carbonate powder market 2019. barium carbonate powder market size by types, applications, major regions and major manufacturers including the capacity ...
This chemical is widely used to make glaze, a paint used in the ceramic industry which acquires a glossy appearance on firing. in brick, tile, pottery ware and earthenware manufacturing processes, barium carbonate is added to precipitate soluble salts such as calcium sulphate with would otherwise cause efflorescence.
Barium carbonate fine powder is specially developed for usage in the brick and tile industry and for the removing of sulfates. other applications are in the ceramic and ferrite industry. it is also used in the production of chlorine alkali electrolysis and for
Barium carbonate is a white, odourless and heavy salt of barium with the chemical formula baco is widely used as flux in ceramics, as an ingredient in specialty glass and fine glassware, in the treatment of salt brines, etc.

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