Sep 18, 2019 · in addition, neem extracts can be used as fertilizers and pesticides; neem oil, neem powder and neem leaf extracts repel pest while neem cake can be used to replenish the soil nutrients. neem extracts can be used as organic pesticides to control defoliating pests like locust, grasshopper,...
Preparation of the insecticide a weighed quantity of dried neem leaves were blended into powder with a blender to obtain a homogeneous mixture. the dried neem powder was used for making the insecticide while the fresh blended leaves were used for the extraction.

Neem is a highly effective pesticide that once sprayed, will keep the insects at bay. it works in a variety of ways from killing all sucking and chewing insects, keeping insects at bay who refuse to eat the sprayed foliage and end up dying of starvation, as well as disrupting the sexual reproduction of insects so that their life cycle is both disrupted and ended.

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