Depending on hardness of 4950kgf/mm2, it is even harder than diamond and cubic boron nitride. because of their high strength, low density, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, low thermal conductivity, high modulus of elasticity, it is ideal for a wide variety of applications. boron carbide plate applications. abrasive field : surfaces of watches and jewels. refractory materials :
Boron carbide is the material of choice for nuclear radiation absorption applications because it offers a high concentration of boron atoms. pure boron on other hand does not bond well and oxidizes rapidly which makes it ineffective when used to produce shapes and coatings.
Boron carbide is often used in nuclear applications such as shielding and other protective applications due to its ability to absorb neutrons. panadyne offers a nuclear grade enriched boron carbide with a high b10 content formulated for use in nuclear applications. the material is available in straight fepa sizes as well as custom sizes.
Oct 06, 2006u00a0u00b7 feldco international offers high quality boron carbide powder b4c at a very competitive price, all shipments are certified by spectro-chemical analysis. grain size ranges from 5 mesh to 3 micron with boron content up to 80 %. we currently supply boron carbide powder to major shielding...

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