Working in the frit and powder once the desired amount of frit or powder has been deposited onto the object, use a relatively cool flame to fuse it in. use a cool flame because the glass is in the form of small particles and, until they are mostly fused in, are little bumps on the surface of the glass, easily caught by the flame and super heated to a boil, which could cause a
Supernova: cosmic creations in glass w/ tanya veit glass fusing video tutorial this long-awaited video tutorial is a breakthrough in kiln-formed glass. you will learn how to create your own custom-designed sheet glass using clear glass and ez fire enamels using specialized techniques to form cosmic designs.
Wissmach 96 frit. wissmach frits are made from crushed, screened and cleaned 96 coe tested compatible sheet glass from wissmach 96 glass. frits are packaged in clear wide mouth plastic 16 oz. bottles and 4 lb jugs. some of the frits are made from luminsence glass and may have irid coating on them.
Specially formulated fusible glass is tested for it's coe rating (coefficient of expansion) and is designed specifically for kiln firing. delphi carries a wide selection of both 90 and 96 coe (coefficient of expansion) fusible glass in a variety of textures and colors.

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