4. borax application:. borax, also known as crude borax, is both soft and light colorless crystalline material. borax has many uses, such as we are familiar u2026
Boraxanhydrous, safety data sheet. uses. normally used in the formation of slow-dissolving cleaning briquettes, for example in toilet bowl cleaners. slow release of borate softens water to prevent scale build up and deodorizes. also in production of glass, glazes and enamels. details. other names: anhydrous borax 12 mesh, dehybor, disodium ...
Appearance: free-flowing, white, crystal line granules or powder. solubility: 5.46% boric acid by weight in saturated solution (water) at room temperature. stability: optibor is a stable crystalline product that does not change chemically under normal storage conditions. wide fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause recrystallisation ...
High solubility for higher concentrations. 20 mule team u00ae borax sodium metaborate, available in 4 mol or 8 mol, is an alkaline salt with excellent buffering capacity. its high solubility enables sodium metaborate to provide a much higher concentration of borate ions in solution than either neobor u00ae or 20 mule team borax decahydrate at the same temperature.

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