Lithium carbonate (li2co3) has six atoms: two lithium ions, and a carbonate ion consisting of one carbon and three oxygen atoms.
Bolivia produces no lithium, though it is sometimes called “the saudi arabia of lithium” because its still-untapped salares are thought to contain nearly 50 percent of the world’s estimated lithium reserves, most of which is found within the brines of the vaunted salar de uyuni.
Lithium carbonate is the first lithium compound that is extracted from the brines. it is the first compound in the production chain and is building block for other lithium derivatives. lithium carbonate is used in various applications such as glass & ceramics, aluminum production, pharmaceuticals, and li-ion batteries.
Lithium carbonate (li2co3), one of the most important lithium compounds, is usually prepared from lithium-containing solution. the lithium recovery rate and the purity of li2co3 are highly...

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