Gentle cleaning, powerful protection 20 mule team u00ae borax decahydrate is the refined form of natural sodium borate. composed of boric oxide (b 2 o 3), sodium oxide, and water, this mild alkaline salt has excellent buffering and fluxing properties.available in a white crystalline powder or granular form, borax decahydrate is an important multi-functional source of boric oxide, u2026
Buy sodium tetraborate decahydrate (cas 1303-96-4), a biochemical for proteomics research, from santa cruz. purity: u226599%, mf: na2b4o7 u2022 10h2o
Borax (sodium borate) is a white crystalline solid, that occurs naturally as tincal. it is a sodium salt of weak boric acid with general formula na 2 b 4 o 7.10h 2 o (iupac name sodium tetraborate decahydrate). borax is commonly used in laundry detergents and as an insecticide.
The chemical formula for borax, sodium borate, is na2b4o7u00b710h2o. borax is a solid, odourless, weighs 201.22 g/mole and melts at 743 degrees celsius. borax is stable and non-corrosive in the presence of glass. borax is also referred to as boric acid, disodium salt, disodium tetraborate decahydrate, sodium borate, sodium borate decahydrate, sodium tetraborate and sodium tetraborate decahydrate.

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