Nov 17, 2016 · the exhaust manifolds of jaguar sports cars used to be enameled in black baked on enamel. perfectly smooth,over cast iron. very beautiful,too. probably done to prevent rusting of the manifold when it got very hot and cooled off. you can enamel about any metal that can stand the heat of the furnace. terribly easy to chip,though.
Enamels normally consist of alkaline boro- silicate glasses of complex composition. the vitreous or porcelain enamel is a composite material comprising a base metal and a glassy coating bonded chemically by fusion. it is generally divided into ground coats and cover coats.
One of the features of our steel sheets for vitreous enameling is excellence in both workability and enamelability (excellent ˚shscaling resistance, fewer defects in vitreous enamel coating layers, such as air bubbles, black
High temperature resistant vitreous enamel powder coating for sign board the enamel frits is smashed to enamel powder and mixed with suitable additives. our main products of enamel frits including ground coat, cover coat, transparent frit , matt enamel, direct on black frits and various cast-iron frits.

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