It's royal blue cover coat frit, can be applied to enamel kettle / cookware. titanium peach frit: it's titanium peach frit, can be applied to enamel cookware. titanium gray frit: it's titanium gray frit, can be applied to enamel cookware / enamelware. blue edge frit: it's blue edge frit, can be applied to enamel kettle and mug. cream frits: it's cream frit, can be applied to enamel u2026
Vitreous enamel is specifically on a metal base. it is thus defined as a vitreous, glass-like coating fused on to a metallic base. in american english it is referred to as porcelain enamel. it should not be confused with paint, which is sometimes called u2018enamelu2019. paints cannot be vitreous enamel.
Our main products of enamel frits including ground coat, cover coat, transparent frit , matt enamel, direct on black frits and various cast-iron frits. high temperature inorganic pigment including red& yellow, blue, green, black oxide etc, widely used in porcelain enamel, ceramics, glass, coating,painting etc.
A. u201cglass enamelsu201d and u201cglass paintu201d are glass surface decorating products. they are also called u201cvitreous enamelsu201d. they are made to be melted onto the surface of the glass substrate. their composition is based upon a framework of silica, similar to the glass substrate itself.

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