Porcelain enamel frit is melted from natural and synthetic materials in furnaces. during this process (known as u201cfrittingu201d)uff0cthe red-hot, molten mixture is poured from a smelter and quenched in cold water. on condition that this quick-cooled, forming a particulate known as u201cfritu201d. after that, it is ground to become enamel slip or powder enamel.
Iron oxide inorganic pigments ferro is a leading global manufacturer of high quality iron oxide pigments that allow for a wide range of color shades in the red, yellow and black spectra. our iron oxides provide high opacity and ease of dispersion, as well as high light resistance, weather fastness and chemical fastness.
Ferric oxide paint is the first color inorganic pigment. iron oxide as the basic material of red ferric oxide, yellow ferric oxide, black ferric oxide and brown iron oxide, blue ferric oxide and orange ferric oxide, seven types of pigments, and red ferric oxide have 50% usage rate in u2026
Complex inorganic color pigments. we are the official north american distributor for the shepherd color company, a us based manufacturer of high quality complex inorganic color pigments (cicp). cicpu2019s are among the most durable pigments for demanding applications such as high temperature plastics and coatings requiring long term weatherfastness.

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