Potassium humate is the potassium salt of humic acid extracted from raw humic deposits known as leonardite, to be used as a soil conditioner fulvic acid powder in brief works as a natural chelating agent that increases nutrient uptake, promotes beneficial microbes, increases crop yield and quality and improves availability of minerals.

Cobalt-nickel ground coat frit is most widely applied. antimony- molybdenum ground coat is in white color, other name white ground coat. its cost is lowest. usually be used for daily enamel cookware. compound ground coat frit is mixed by many kinds of ground coat frit with specific ratio. it can improve effect of firing process, enhance ...

Free sample cadmium red color pigment enamel paint for red cookware, us $ 2136 / kilogram, 12214-12-9, cadmium red, cd-se-s.source from hunan noli enamel co., ltd. on alibaba.

Wholesale china import transparent enamel frits what is the details of our cemaric glaze9 application: transparent;wide range of firing temperature;widely used in interior wall tiles and small size tiles;bright colors; firing range: 1100-1160°c c.o. e: 180x10-7°c softening point: 750°c above packing: 50kgs per polystyrene bag, 25mts per container what is the specifications of our cemaric glaze9 wholesale china import transparent enamel frits …

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