Ceramic frits ferro offers a wide variety of specialty ceramic frits that include frits for engobes and compound glazes, and frits for all different ceramic tile bodies and firing technologies. our base frits for screen printing powders and for ceramic coatings are specifically designed to enhance the chromatic range of digital printing inks.
Frits are important components of most ceramic glazes. a frit is a type of ceramic glass that predominantly consists of silica, diboron trioxide, and soda. this combination of raw materials are industrially melted and rapidly cooled, making them insoluble.
Torrecid group offers a wide selection of frits, glazes, and glazes. frits & glazes for single-firing (wall tile body) torrecid offers a wide range of ceramic frits for single-firing temperatures (1100°c – 1160°c). made with the highest quality raw materials, and subjected to constant, precise tests. they range from glossy frits (transparent and white), to matt (transparent and white),
Frits and glazes for ceramics glazes are thin coatings applied to ceramic substrates before the firing process. the glaze can be applied using a variety of techniques, including wet methods such as waterfall and spray applications, and dry methods such as dry pressing.

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