Oct 31, 2014 · barium carbonate coarse powder is used for the production of display glass, crystal glass and other special glass, glazes, frits and enamels. barium carbonate coarse powder is also used in the ferrite and in the chemical industry.
Basstech international is the largest north american supplier of barium salts, including barium carbonate. starting from supplying the crt glass industry to being the premier supplier to brick and specialty industries, basstech has handled barium carbonate from barge ships to containerload to palletload quantities.
Barium carbonate baco3 or cbao3 cid 10563structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological ...
Barium carbonate (baco 3 ), also known as witherite, is a chemical compound used in rat poison, bricks, ceramic glazes and cement.

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