Barium carbonate is a white, odourless and heavy salt of barium with the chemical formula baco 3. it is widely used as flux in ceramics, as an ingredient in specialty glass and fine glassware, in the treatment of salt brines, etc.
The chemical reaction is: bacl2 + na2co3 = 2 nacl + baco3 barium carbonate is a white precipitate, toxic. asked in elements and compounds , barium what is the formula for barium u2026
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Barium carbonate formula:baco3 molecular weight: 197.35 property: white powder, soluble in acid, insoluble in water and alcohol packa ge: 25kg or 1000kg bags specifications: gb/t1614-1999 item specification main content (on baco 3 basis) 99.2% min moisture 0.3% max total sulphur (on so 4 basis) 0.3% max hci insoluble matters 0.25% max iron (on fe basis) 0.004% max bulk u2026

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