Use in direct-on, cover coat, enameling systems because the level of titanium in the base metal may interfere with the development of good porcelain-to-steel adherence. the porcelain enamel frit supplier should be made aware of the use of i-f enameling steel as minor formulation changes may be required depending on the particular enameling system.
The positive attributes of vitreous enamel as a surface coating for steel have been appreciated formany years. it is a hygienic, and in most applications, a chemically inert material providing uses in many different applications. despite these positive features, there are problems and difficulties in many areas of the frit manufacturing process.
Counter enamel is applied to reduce stress exerted on the enamel by the metal after the piece is cool or during cooling. counter enamel literally equalizes or counters the pull of the metal on the enamel. the thickness of the metal and the thickness of the enamel are relative in this matter.
Steel sheet with porcelain-enamel coating consists of a steel sheet plated with aluminium-zinc alloy and a layer of porcelain enamel coatings as the upper layer of the steel sheet, in which the intermediate layer having good adhesion to the layer of the galvanic coating and the layer of the enamel coating is a layer between these two layers.

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