May 17, 2010 · the simple answer is no. boric acid is also called hydrogen borate, boracic acid or orthoboric acid. it is an inorganic compound and has the chemical formula h3bo3.
The formula for h3bo3 is boric acid. the molecular weight of boric acid is 61.83-grams per mole. thus, the given sample of 61.83-grams equals 1.00-moles of h3bo3.
In aqueous solution, boron is normally present as boric acid and borate ions, with the dominant form of inorganic boron as undissociated boric acid in natural aqueous systems(1). in aqueous solution, boric acid acts as an electron acceptor (lewis acid), accepting hydroxide from water to form (b(oh)4)- ion(1).
Sulfuric acid sulfuric acid sodium tetraborate decahydrate nitric acid nitric acid: downstream products: fluoroboric acid potassium tetrafluoroborate sodium tetrafluoroborate ammonium fluoroborate boron nitride sodium borohydride potassium borohydride boric anhydride flame retardant zb copper(ii)borofluoride zinc tetrafluoroborate hydrate ...

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