Borax supplier in turkey,uae,africa borax is a (fine, white) mineral that additionally passes by a couple of different names (just to make it befuddling!): sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate.
U.s. borax, part of rio tinto, is a global leader in the supply and science of boratesu2014naturally-occurring minerals containing boron and other elements. we are 1,000 people serving 500 customers with more than 1,700 delivery locations globally.
Wego supplies borax to users/customers for flame retardants, food & beverage, household, industrial & institutional chemicals, metal working, finishing & flux, personal care & cosmetics. this product is also known as sodium tetraborate decahydrate, sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, disodium tetraborate.
Borax chemically called sodium tetraborate decahydrate. utility wise borax classified as a laundry booster for cleaning, and as a fungicide, preservative, insecticide (ants, fleas etc), disinfectant, desiccant and water softener.

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