The firing temperature of cover coat frit is lower than that of ground coat frit. inorganic pigment is heat resistant, strong coloring power, colorful and stable quality, mainly applied in enamel, glass, ceramics, plastics, painting, high grade ink, high-end art pigment, permanently color patch, far-infrared materials, powder coating areas, etc.
Enamels for metal are fired either in a pre-heated furnace (kiln) or a hand held torch. if firing in a furnace, the temperature should be between 1450 and 1500 degrees f. whether you set your furnace at 1450 or 1500 depends on how accurate your pyrometer reading is; how long it takes you to open the door,...
Feb 24, 2015u00a0u00b7 the ground coat was allowed to cool, and powder enamel 1 was applied at a coating density of about 34 to 40 g/ft 2 (366 to 430 g/m 2) and fired at about 1560u00b0 f. (850u00b0 c.) for 90 seconds at peak metal temperature.
A porcelain enamel frit for sheet iron ground coat is disclosed, which contains neither fluorine nor fluorine compound, but has excellent firing property, and can be worked into sheet iron enamel having high gloss and adherence and low surface roughness. the frit consists of 100 parts of a main component and 7-42 parts of an auxiliary component, said main component consisting of u2026

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