Buy bulk borax to distribute commercially. for example, you can buy it from rio tinto, one of the companies that mine borate and process it into borax. this option is if you need the mineral in large quantities to distribute to stores that will then sell it to consumers.
Sx0355 supelco sodium borate, decahydrate meets acs specifications, meets reagent specifications for testing usp/nf monographs gr acs synonym: sodium borate, decahydrate, sodium tetraborate, dodecahydrate, borax cas number 1303-96-4. empirical formula (hill notation) b 4 na 2 o 7 u00b7 10h 2 o molecular weight 381.37 . ec index number 215-540-4
Product no. s9640, sodium tetraborate decahydrate, is soluble in water at 62 mg/ml or 160 mm. if you use hot water you can get a 4.4 m solution. what is the appearance of product 221732,sodium tetraborate? this product is a powder. it may be either crystalline or granular.
Sodium borate, decahydrate, crystal, reagent, acs s1180 1303-96-4 sodium borate, decahydrate, crystal, reagent, acs is also known simply as borax and is a mineral that occurs naturally in deposits of the mineral evaporite. its uses vary from household products, such as hand soap and water softening age.

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