Cerazone+ ballistic armour inserts are manufactured using highly mass efficient and advanced ceramics like silicon carbide & boron carbide (the third hardest material known to man). these are light and offer better comfort during prolonged usage.
Through careful manufacturing, boron carbide can be used to create the hardest and lightest parts known to be manufactured. boron carbide is: 44% lighter than titanium; 4.5x harder than rha steel; this unique combination led to the rapid adoption of boron carbide for high-end armor systems u2014 allowing them to be lighter and more effective.
Sa4bu2122 level iv boron carbide specifically designed for the most demanding missions. this armor plate makes every gram count u2013 combining the most advanced technologies and the lightest ballistic ceramic composite ever created by man.
Boron carbide defence our vendor is a vertically integrated manufacturer of raw powders, sintered and hot pressed ceramics for their patented armor technology. whether it is body armor plates with compound curvature, tile products for mosaic armor construction, or large plates for panel systems and aircraft armor.

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