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Caltrate is a supplemental form of calcium carbonate, which is taken if you are not getting enough calcium naturally in your diet. caltrate contains about 600 mg of calcium and 40 mg of magnesium, as well as other vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin d, zinc, copper, manganese
A dual seven-membered cyclic carbonate/olefin monomer was synthesized from co2 and cis-1,4-butenediol and polymerized. the properties of the polymer were controlled using divergent catalytic strategies toward the stereochemistry of the olefin. ring-opening polymerization of the cyclic carbonate using an organocatalytic approach retained the cis-stereoconfiguration of the olefin
The precipitation of different forms of magnesium carbonate has been studied at temperatures between 25 and 120 c and at a partial pressure of co 2 between 1 and 100 bar.

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