Humus organic fertilizer is not pure humic acid, but a compound fertilizer which contains humus and organic soil fertilizer. as we all know, natural soil fertilizer is a mixture of decomposed organic matters, it has many nutrients that are vital to the plantsu2019 growth. and the most important constituent is humus.
Jan 26, 2016u00a0u00b7 when humic acid is present, important minerals and metals become absorbable through cell walls. this process even helps minerals like iron, which is usually not very mobile, transport into the plant. 5. fights cancer. fulvic acid, which is a humus (or in the same family as humic acid), might be able to help aid in cancer treatments.
Humus 26 is an active carbon source. soil contains living organisms and along with plants needs organic matter (carbon) to thrive. humus 26 contains humic and fulvic acid, which are the most active components of soil carbon (organic matter). soil microbes use active carbon to provide a wealth of soil health benefits.
Feb 10, 2019u00a0u00b7 this item 1 pound organic soluble humic acid powderpotassium humatesnatural organic humus. 2 lb teravita sp-90 humic acid 100% soluble powder. teravita 1 lb sp-90 humic acid 100% soluble powder.

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