For the product with strict demand on impact resistance. stainless steel need to be sand blasted before enameling, to make stainless steel with rough surface. and special enamel frit is used for this. firing temperature should be higher than 900 ℃. this is better for the full oxidation of stainless steel substrate, also good to let enamel layer permeate into stainless steel, to form
Porcelain enamel frit significantly improves the properties of the base metal such as resistance to acid, alkali, corrosion and hot water. our porcelain enamel frit product line can be used on a wide variety of base metals, such as cold-rolled sheet steel,
For pre-treatment the sheets (70 mm x 70 mm) were grit-blasted and then purified in an ultrasonic bath. as a high temperature enamel frit, a418 [1, p.108] is selected and slightly modified. melting was carried out in corundum crucibles at 1400 ° c for two hours. ,
Ceramic milky-white frits,high temperature opaque highly-bright frit has good whiteness and a wide range of application, suitable for interior wall frit. read more transparent frit global glaze for crackle glaze

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