Only diamond is harder. in addition to its hardness property, boron carbide has the physical properties of corrosion resistance, heat strength, low specific gravity and high elastic modulus. it is used as an abrasive, neutron absorber for nuclear reactors, and as an alloying agent in composite structural materials.
Nuclear application products. boron carbide is an important material for nuclear applications due to its high neutron absorption property. our vendor doesn’t contain decay products with a long half-life and high-energy secondary radioactive materials and is a very stable material. hence it is ideal for use in nuclear applications.
Boron carbide powder used in steel modification component with grinding, high boron content, polishing, lapping, hot pressing and sintering with light weight of hard and abrasion resistant parts.we are suppliers of the whole range of dimensions from sub micron to 1-2mm lumpsdistribution.boron carbide is widely used as refractory industry and ...
Boron can be present in a nuclear core in a few ways. it can be added to the reactor coolant in the form of boric acid. it can also be built into the core in boron carbide assemblies in order to control neutron flux at certain places in a reactor core to try to even out the flux that may be misshapen from control rods.

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