Jul 08, 2017 · huminrich blackgold humate,high-activity form of nutritional elements with the scientific formula, meeting the demand for rice growth, small molecular humic acid promote cell division, increase the effective tillers and acres panicles.promote panicle initiation, increase the spike rate; promote amino acid synthetase activity, improve amino acid content in the
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Huminrich sh9040-1 blackgold humate contains humic acid, it can much improve nitrogen utilization and has long term effect. huminrich sh9040-1 blackgold humate not only contains humic acid but also rich in npk. use it can balance the plants to phosphorus deficiency, promote plant growth.
Blackgold humate is not affected by the traditional urea market downturn,because it belongs to differentiated products, high technology content. 3, what kinds of plants can use blackgold humate data show that blackgold humate utilization increased by 5.2% -13.2% than the white urea.

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