Frits are the basis and main component of an enamel coating. each pemcou00ae frit is individually designed to address the complex variables of chemistry and end use application. quality raw materials are blended and melted to create a frit technically adapted for different applications.
Stainless steel need to be sand blasted before enameling, to make stainless steel with rough surface. and special enamel frit is used for this. firing temperature should be higher than 900 u2103. this is better for the full oxidation of stainless steel substrate, also good to let enamel layer permeate into stainless steel, to form strong adherence.
The usage amount of clay for daily enamel ground coat and cover coat is about 6-8 for every 100 enamel frit (weight ratio). transparent frit about 5-6.5, industrial acid resistant ground coat will need about 10, industrial cover coat about 3-3.5, there is no clay needed for cast iron cover coat .
5. for the firing process: fire in reasonable temperature and time, make sure not to burn. 6. for the thick steel plate, only accept coating on single face. hunan noli enamel co.,ltd has developed a anti fishscal porcelain enamel frit 2466 to avoid the fishscale defect. it can be even applied in hot rolled steel and the effect can be acceptable.

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