Granular . orthoboric acid . h3bo3. cas no. 10043-35-3 . optibor u00ae sp boric acid granular is a free-flowing, white crystalline product manufactured in . france by borax franu00e7ais s.a.s. chemical specification. analyte guarantee. b. 2. o. 3 % equivalent h
High quality, high reliability, high performance borates. itu2019s what weu2019re known for. for over a century, u.s. borax has been mining, refining, and transforming boron into 20 mule team u00ae borax products that are essential to modern living.
Oct 04, 2018u00a0u00b7 for a simple cleaner, mix together vinegar and boric acid. it can disinfect home surfaces and stored easily in a spray bottle until your next use. long lasting grab a bulk bag of our boric acid to last for all of your daily needs. its easy resealable zipper also makes it convenient to store and provides no mess.
When it comes to boron supplementation, quality matters. like all u.s. borax refined boron products, fertibor is made from only high-quality sodium borates, with no impurities, fillers, coatings, or added ingredients. fertibor meets or exceeds all existing standards for effectiveness and purity. learn why refined boron is the best choice for crops.

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