Many liquid boron formulations become increasingly viscous or crystallize as temperatures drop. but up to 2.7% solubor can be added to liquid fertilizer while maintaining crystallization temperatures below 1.7u00b0c (35u00b0f), putting less stress on equipment.
Calcium ammonium nitrate/ can fertilizers + boron . specifications. white or yellow circular granular, easy to dissolve in water. application: adding trace boron in this product can help plants better absorb calcium and magnesium. we can customize u2026
Boron 14.3% is a granular, sodium borateu2013derived product that blends easily with other dry fertilizers. boron 14.3% delivers nutrition when plants need it most by releasing boron to corn at the optimal time. virtually free of impurities, winfieldu2122 granular formulations have a very low analysis of heavy metals. boron 14.3% micronutrient is
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