Boron trioxide lithium hydride crude oil barium sulfate iron sulfide calcium bromide luminol lye glue (cyanoacrylate) hydrogen peroxide al2o3 c6h6 c5h8 c7h4o nh3 feso4 b2o3 lih c9h20 baso4 fes cabr2 c8h7n3o2 naoh c5h5no2 h2o2 craftable compounds here are the compounds you can create using the compound creator in minecraft.
Chemical. boron trioxide is very unreactive towards most common reagents. while an anhydride oxide, it does not react with water visibly. it can however be reduced to elemental boron with magnesium powder in a thermite reaction. magnesium boride is produces as side product. a similar effect occurs when powdered aluminium is used,...
Boron oxide is non-combustible. of generally low chemical reactivity. reacts exothermically but slowly with water to form boric acid, a weak acid. reacts exothermically with strong bases. may react with strong reducing agents such as metal hydrides, metal alkyls to generate flammable or explosive gases.
Boron nitride is not found in nature and is therefore created artificially from boric acid or boron trioxide. the underlying item is amorphous bn powder, which is changed over to crystalline h-bn by heating in a nitrogen stream at temperatures over 1500 u00b0c.

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