Oct 16, 2019u00a0u00b7 now we have 30, 000 m/t enamel frits and 2, 000 m/t inorganic pigments annual capacity, 10, 000 m/t rtu(ready to use) powder and electro static powder. our main products of enamel frits including ground coat, cover coat, transparent frit, matt enamel, direct on black frits and various cast-iron frits.
Coat enamel powder or slurry evenly on the metal body, after firing, coat cover coat on ground coat. coating ways can be dipping, pouring, spraying and bepowdering. bepowdering is to sprinkle cover coat enamel powder to red hot ground coat, which makes coating and firing one process.
1, applied to cast iron cookware. 2, smooth enamel surface and high glossiness(for glossy frit), good acid resistance. cast iron enamel frit usage introduction cast iron body need pretreatments as anneal and sand blast to make it clean.

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